What Is Claims Response Evaluation?

Berkley Canada has developed a tool to help brokers evaluate and rate a market’s overall claims response. The intent of the tool is to increase focus and awareness on claims response and include this in the consideration of an insurance placement.  

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Please contact Alexandra Spence if you have any questions, comments or feedback, aspence@berkleycanada.com or 416-594-4823.

Our Team's Latest Publications

Learn more about Berkley Canada's management team by reading their latest publications from LinkedIn found below. Navigate to our Resources page for a complete catologue of publications.

Insurance for Mobile Healthcare Apps
By Liam Brown, Vice President of Life Sciences and Healthcare
Published May 31 2017

What type of insurance policy adequately addresses the risk associated with medical technologies? This question has received more attention in recent years with the ever-broadening offering of mobile health applications (mHealth apps). In selecting the most appropriate insurance product for their client, brokers are often faced with a difficult decision: Is my client best insured through a medical device liability policy or a technology policy? The answer most often resides in the type of technology in question and how it is being used or relied upon by the consumer.

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Commercial Insurance: What's Holding us Back?
By Andrew Steen, President
Published November 22 2016

What are the headline topics in the Commercial Insurance Space in 2016? Certainly Cyber exposure and coverage, Catastrophe loss, Insurance tech disruption, and M&A activity have all been prominently featured in the trade press.  These topics are important, to be sure, but are they distracting us from dealing with the underlying challenges in the industry?

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Respect the Unexpected
By Carl Spensieri, Vice President of Environmental Insurance
Published June 13 2016

Canada has an infrastructure problem. According to the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, $141 billion of existing Canadian infrastructure is in very poor or poor condition. Put another way, each Canadian household must contribute $20,000 to address current infrastructure replacement and construction needs. Unfortunately, these estimates do not account for cost overruns—and experience suggests they should...

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