Specialty Insurance Products

Directors & Officers

Berkley Canada offers flexible coverage options on a combined Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability form, incorporating the latest coverage enhancements to meet the needs of a wide variety of private, public, and not-for-profit organizations.

Crime Insurance

Berkley Canada provides comprehensive Crime/Fidelity coverage to all classes of commercial and mercantile companies, and financial institutions to ensure they are protected from extraordinary financial loss due to employee theft.


Berkley Canada recognizes that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution does not allow technology firms to adequately manage their exposures. At Berkley Canada our products are customizable and include coverage enhancements such as Technology E&O, Network Security & Privacy Breach Liability, Electronic Media Liability, Intellectual Property coverage and supporting First Party coverages.

Professional Liability

Berkley Canada is the right choice for today’s professional. We are a specialty insurer focused on niche classes and understanding the concerns of each of our insureds. Today’s professional must be more sophisticated and diligent to meet the high standards of their clients. Berkley Canada provides peace of mind as we are always looking after the professional’s best interest.

Life Sciences

Whether your Life Sciences client is in the preclinical stage, or an established company with numerous products on the market, Berkley Canada responds to traditional liability concerns, as well as, emerging issues your clients may not realize have insurance solutions.


Berkley Canada provides comprehensive environmental coverage to all classes of risk. Please contact the environmental team to learn how we can help you deliver a tailored environmental risk transfer solution to your client.


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